Are you a risk taker, a planner, or a servant who loves Jesus and his church? Would you consider a summer mission trip to Scotland? Would you be interested in an internship or an apprenticeship? Or, if you are really adventurous, would you consider moving to Scotland and joining our team? There are several ways you can get involved.

Mission Team
Mission-minded adults are invited to join what God is doing first-hand. These projects usually last one or two weeks in April, July, and October. They involve focused prayer, cultural awareness, and targeted outreach (e.g., Bible clubs, sports clubs, evangelistic Bible studies, music camps, and more).
College students are challenged during a summer internship. They receive personal discipleship in gospel growth and they explore their gifts in the context of cross-cultural ministry. Interns come for a summer and see God change them.
College graduates and young couples benefit from an apprenticeship. It is on the job ministry training in a cross cultural context and mission churches. This leadership development focuses on each person’s unique gifts and prepares them for wherever God takes them next.
Single adults and families who love the local church can serve along side a Scottish church in the same way they serve their home church. If you are a business professional in the accounting, banking, IT, or oil industries or a student pursuing a bachelors, masters, or doctorate, you can live in northeast Scotland and strengthen our church.